The Angel Tizel – Original Character Illustration Commission

This was an incredible character design I was commissioned to draw by Jazzakid on twitter. The commissioner’s design was inspired by various catholic art and imagery, including reliquary items such as the skull of Mary Magdalene, as well as the very solid and maximalist designs such as the detail on some Warhammer 40k models. Thus,Continue reading “The Angel Tizel – Original Character Illustration Commission”

Ophan Angel Tattoo Commission

An angel tattoo commission I completed last month! The commissioner was wanted something that combined text and artwork. The verse is from Revelation 4:8, the lines sung by the four living creatures, and the imagery is inspired by the ophanim of Ezekiel. The illustration was adapted and tattooed by artist Sammy Ray, whose work canContinue reading “Ophan Angel Tattoo Commission”