The Angel Tizel – Original Character Illustration Commission

This was an incredible character design I was commissioned to draw by Jazzakid on twitter. The commissioner’s design was inspired by various catholic art and imagery, including reliquary items such as the skull of Mary Magdalene, as well as the very solid and maximalist designs such as the detail on some Warhammer 40k models. Thus, it’s a bit different of an approach than my usual angels, where they’re a bit more ethereal and abstract; I wanted to give this drawing a bit more of a feeling of solidity.

Originally, it was only going to include the central angelic character, but I had the idea partially through to add a decorative border! In putting this all together, and in doing the colors of this piece, I was also inspired by an earlier family trip to Porto, Portugal, where I got to take some pics of the elaborate interior of the Igreja do Carmo. I liked how the elements build up on top of each other in a very interesting textural way, and while not as elaborate, did my best to work similarly with this piece!

Here are some details of the work as well. This digital work was made completely in Clip Studio Paint on the iPad.

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