The Lion in Winter – Poetry and Power

No man who sees her and has faith In her sweet looks, her lovely eyes; Could ever believe, in any way Her heart is evil: her mind, it lies: But waters that slide calmly by Drown more than those that roar and sigh. They deceive who seem so fair, Oh, be wary of the debonair.Continue reading “The Lion in Winter – Poetry and Power”

Azulejo Tile-Inspired Angel

An illustration I made inspired by the azulejos I saw during my visit in Portugal last year! I was very impressed and amazed by the wide variety of patterns and tiles there were on so many buildings. I enjoyed the stylization as well as the blue color that was very common, and wanted to doContinue reading “Azulejo Tile-Inspired Angel”

A Face for Your Comfort

An angel doodle that I turned into its own illustration. It turned out a bit more creepy than I intended but an interesting exploration with colors and layer filters. Thinking a bit about angel as “messenger” and bearer of information rather than personhood necessarily, and how that can lend to some interesting designs. I wantContinue reading “A Face for Your Comfort”

The Angel Tizel – Original Character Illustration Commission

This was an incredible character design I was commissioned to draw by Jazzakid on twitter. The commissioner’s design was inspired by various catholic art and imagery, including reliquary items such as the skull of Mary Magdalene, as well as the very solid and maximalist designs such as the detail on some Warhammer 40k models. Thus,Continue reading “The Angel Tizel – Original Character Illustration Commission”

Ophan Angel Tattoo Commission

An angel tattoo commission I completed last month! The commissioner was wanted something that combined text and artwork. The verse is from Revelation 4:8, the lines sung by the four living creatures, and the imagery is inspired by the ophanim of Ezekiel. The illustration was adapted and tattooed by artist Sammy Ray, whose work canContinue reading “Ophan Angel Tattoo Commission”

Becket (1964) sketches and thoughts on live action fanart

“A miserable wretch who ate my bread! A man I raised from nothing! A man I loved! Yes, I loved him, and I still do! Enough, oh God, enough!” – Henry II, from Becket (19) Recently watched this classic movie about the (fictionalized) rift and borderline-romantic relationship between King Henry II and the future-saint ThomasContinue reading “Becket (1964) sketches and thoughts on live action fanart”

Art Vs. Artist 2022 –

It’s that time of year again! Where we make handy little art summaries showing what we’ve accomplished this year! I always find these super fun, and I love seeing what pieces people choose to put in their tiles to surround themselves with. For me, it’s a nice reminder that even when art-making in the momentContinue reading “Art Vs. Artist 2022 –”

Social Media, Art and Audience during the Great Twitter Exodus

So it seems once again that we are freaking out about having to possibly leave twitter! This feels morbidly fitting given my blog post a couple months ago about being an artist and feeling extremely “online.” Like most big social media shifts, I’m never sure to what extent things will change or stay the same,Continue reading “Social Media, Art and Audience during the Great Twitter Exodus”

Sunset Artisan Fair!

Had a fun time selling prints and displaying my zines at the recent fair! My mom helped me out with some of the more festive decorations. I sold mostly stickers, and a few prints; people surprisingly did not buy many zines! I think I didn’t quite fit the target audience of this fair (mostly familiesContinue reading “Sunset Artisan Fair!”

Art, social media, business, and being very online

Been thinking about my relationship to art and social media, especially after reading these articles (1, 2) and also thinking about the kind of work I personally like to make. I really love making things that are very detailed, that take time to look at, kind of like an “I Spy” game, and with vintageContinue reading “Art, social media, business, and being very online”