Sunset Artisan Fair!

Had a fun time selling prints and displaying my zines at the recent fair! My mom helped me out with some of the more festive decorations. I sold mostly stickers, and a few prints; people surprisingly did not buy many zines! I think I didn’t quite fit the target audience of this fair (mostly families and young kids from the church), but it was still fun to get to chat and meet people. After some constructive discussion and observation of my peers, it probably would have been helpful to package the example prints in some plastic so people wouldn’t feel as hesitant taking them home (I just hung them up with magnets and clips). Oh well! there’s always next time!

I made this angel print for the fair, since I thought I should have at least one more original art piece. I’m very happy with how it turned out! I’ve also listed the leftover prints for sale here on Storenvy.

I got to do some live-drawing while at the show as well, since there was some downtime, and also to show people that I am indeed the artist! I ended up drawing a seraph:

As well as something a bit more cartoony. It wasn’t exactly a weeby gathering, but I wanted to draw something Chainsaw Man related anyway

Overall, it was a fun time! I’ll probably be working on putting up the excess material, like stickers, excess prints, and zine printings, back up on my store and with some more promotion in the next few days. I’m also doing a workshop tomorrow about art selling and marketing, which I’m pretty excited about. I’ll try and write about what I learn afterwards….

Other than that, it’s mostly a lot of housekeeping–both literal and in the business sense. I need to clean up my work space, as well as reorganize my merchandise, send out outstanding orders, all that fun stuff.

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