Updates and What’s New

Today was one of the first days in a while where I was able to sit down and get a bunch of art “to-dos” out of the way, which was very nice. I ordered a lot of new zines for the upcoming SF Zinefest, responded to Commission emails, and updated my Commission Info sheet/TOS on tumblr. I’m also realizing and remembering that I have a blog here as well, that I can use.

I still have purchases from the store to mail out, and pieces to complete, but I think it would be nice to try and take more advantage of the features on this site, even though it’s not nearly as intuitive to me here than all my other 1000 online presences. I feel like I always want to wrangle it into something that suits ME, but I get defeated every time! Here’s just another time. Anyways, for now it’ll be a log of updates to the site. I think the homepage looks a bit nicer, and I want to eventually upload more of my comics so they can have a bit more of a stable home than just on tumblr. We shall see!

Published by maiden theory

I'm just a Bird whose intentions are good

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